Since 2001 SCRS Inc. has established solid and reliable relationship with leading manufacturers in textile, chemicals, hydro & ship-building industry.

                        We are confident with customer satisfaction for the quality of our product and service, and promise to be of the superb service

                        in composite bearings, fine chemical & machinery field as well as our spandex yarn & fibers.  Our business coverage is in the following fields;






        Yarns & Fibers

       Uncovered Melt-spun Spandex yarn:

1.      Solution-dyed Black spandex

2.      Heat-fusing type spandex  (incl. fabric)

3.      Clear type (melt-spun in 15 ~ 140 denier)


            SILICONE - FREE spandex yarn (solution-dyed in Black);

4.   Fine-denier / Heavy-denier


            Aramid yarn:

5.   para-Aramid - CR (cut resistant) fiber

6.   meta-Aramid - FR (flame resistant) fiber; Solution-dyed Staple, Spun, and Filament



7.   BASALT Yarn (and Roving) - available in 100-d, 150-d, 200-d and up to 3500-d

8.   Cut Resistant PE fiber (Ultra Hi Molecular Weight - PE): bullet proof vests, glove, rope

9.   Fiber glass yarn - 50d, 100d, 200d and up (for E-glass)

10.  Anti-static fiber (carbon based, silver based, carbon embedded white)



        Composite Bearing / Bushings / Wearpad



        Self-lubricating, non-abrasive, shock-resistant, low-friction, dimensionally stable

           <<Kor Marine Busan 2019>>

      <<Offshore Technology Conference TX USA 2019>>




                                                            Functional Fine Chemicals:

                                                      1.   Inorganic UV filter for cosmetics; (Transparent UV protection)

                                                            nano grade Zinc Oxide (30 ~ 50nm)

                                                            non-nano Zinc Oxide (100+ nm)

                                                      2.   Photo-catalytic Titanium Dioxide (powder, sol, slurry, coatings)

                                                      3.   Crosslinking Agents (Resin) for Aqueous Paint, Ink, Coats, Adhesives

                                                      4.   Reactive UV Stabilizer (Polymerize with Monomers)

                                                      5.   Corrosion Inhibitor/Anticorrosive Pigment & Heat-corrosion-Resistant Coating Materials

                                                      6.   Non-Halogen Flame Retardants

                                                      7.   Anti-bacterial & Anti-mold Whisker

                      Plastics: (Polymer & Oligomer)

                                  1.   Special Reinforcing Materials for Industrial Precision fields

                                  2.   Lubricant free & reinforcing compounds for super precise parts

                                  3.   [New] Friction Materials of the coming generation

                                  4.   Nano Silver Antimicrobial powders           

                                  5.   Polymer Beads (Coatings, Cosmetics)

                                  6.   UV curable Polymers (Coating, DVD Adhesives)

                                  7.   Conductive PP Compound (Master batch)

                                  8.   Luminescence Material

                                        Electronic Chemicals & Materials:

                                  1.   Dielectric compound to cover from giga to tera hertz range

                                  2.   Advanced Conductive Materials with Reinforcement Property

                                  3.   High Refractive Index Oligomer & Polymer

                                  4.   Transparent Conductive Materials

                                  5.   Nano-Oxide Sol

                                  6.   Electro Luminescence Material

                                  7.   Sealing Polymer & Oligomer/DVD

                                  8.   Prism coating Polymer & Oligomer for LCD/BLU

                                  9.   Polymer Beads for Reflector sheet/LCD

                                 10.  Electronic Ceramics (Piezoelectric)

                                 11.   Nano oxide powders (high purity BaTiO3 & SrTiO3) - for capacitors (MLCC)

                                 12.   Ceramics & Nano-Composites

                                 13.   Film Capacitors (High Temp.)





1.      Ultra-Visco Mill for Nano Particles

2.      Centrifugal Liquid/Liquid Separator

                                                      3.   Nitrogen, Oxygen Generator (Gas)

                                                      4.   Nozzles processed by nano technology